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О товаре

- The week's halfway over and you're dreading finishing out the workweek. You've got so much stuff to do and not enough time to finish it, and you're on the verge of working yourself up into a tizzy. No, no, no, there will be none of that. Take a breath, count to ten, and look at your Würkin Stiffs® cufflinks. What do they say? 'DON'T PANIC!' That's right, don't panic. Relax, man. You've still got two and a half days to complete everything. So ease up, grab a cup of java and get to work because you've gotta work hard to play hard!
- Rhodium-plated brass cufflinks feature resin on both sides, making them fully-finished.
- 'Don't Panic' text decorates the front.
- Silver-tone hardware.
- Fixed back.
- Made in the USA and Imported.
- Width: 1 in
- Height: 3⁄4 in
- Weight: 0.42 oz

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